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New Orleans

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Recently I just went on a trip with my brother and his friend to New Orleans. Passed up a trip with the store to Vegas by the way too. But I’ve done Vegas enough times and only been to New Orleans once before.


I always spend at least a couple hours going back and forth between what shoes I should bring for vacationing. I ended up just wearing the white Adidas Ultra Boost. I really love the comfort of the Ultra Boosts for travelling, I just really need to find a black or grey pair. White shoes are really my go-to but after wearing them once they are already dirty as hell.


Bourbon street was too wild for me as the last time I was there I spent most of my time on Bourbon street. Cool vibe but I can’t party like that anymore. Frenchmen was definitely more my speed for nightlife and the live music was amazing. The food scene alone in New Orleans is worth travelling for, too many to name.


Sneaker wise there wasn’t many shops that I could find. Didn’t find any consignment shops even when I googled it. I came across a shop called “LIVE” that sold high end sneakers like Raf Simons and Y-3 but I’m not really into that. Right next to it was a retail shop that reminded me of the store BAIT. Had a good selection of runners like Asics and New Balances, plus a good selection of clothing. I did see a guy wearing Tan Yeezys on the swamp tour but he looked like a tourist. Actually probably only tourists go on the swamp tour to begin with.


New Orleans is definitely recommended to visit; I am for sure coming back some day. Thanks NOLA!


Side note: Funny story today at the shop. I just spoke about nicknames in my last post and today a customer called in about an order he had made on our site. He ordered the “Countdown Pack” Jordan 10’s. His complaint was that he didn’t receive the other shoe that came in the pack which was supposed to be the Jordan 13’s. Yes we all know that in 2008 the Nike Air Jordan “Countdown Pack” came with TWO pairs of shoes. The two pairs of numbered Jordan’s added up to #23, Michael Jordan’s jersey number. So long story short, the customer assumed he was supposed to receive both pairs of shoes because we nicknamed the shoe “Countdown Pack”. I can see where there might be some confusion but if the pictures only show one shoe, and the prices is that low, never mind, you can’t go assuming anything nowadays.

Thanks for reading everyone! Don’t have any shoe pictures from my trip but will definitely share my food pics.

Pizza from Domenica's

Pizza from Domenica’s

Shrimp and grits from Luke's

Shrimp and grits from Luke’s

Shrimp po boy from parkway bakery

Shrimp po boy from parkway bakery

Fried chicken from Neyows

Fried chicken from Neyows

Chargrilled oysters from Neyows

Chargrilled oysters from Neyows

Lamb Neck from Toups Meatery

Lamb Neck from Toups Meatery

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Back in 2012 Nike came out with a shoe called the Nike Air Foamposite “ParaNorman”. They were released only thru a contest in a limited number of pairs.  The head of the studio that created ParaNorman, Laika, is Travis Knight who is Phil Knight’s son, the founder of Nike.


At the time I just started working at Sole full time. We were in our 2nd store which now we use as storage for eBay and Sole Steals.


The goal of the contest was to send in a photo of when you were a kid being weird or different. The synopsis of ParaNorman was about a weird kid fitting in and battling ghosts and zombies.


Of course everyone at the time was trying to obtain these shoes, so I of course submitted my entry as well. I submitted a picture that my mom took of me dressed up as a girl at about 3-4 years old (SMH mom). A couple days later I got the direct message that I won!


You can ask the guys at the shop, I don’t seem to have the greatest of luck in this buy and flip thing that most people do. Probably the reason why I don’t pursue buying shoes on release date and trying to flip them or sit on them to gain value (plenty more stories about this in the future).


I got the ParaNorman’s for free and of course the question from everyone at the store was, are you going to keep them or sell them? At the time, a broke fresh outta college student, easy, I was going to sell them.


I had them on the web shop for $2500 for months and it didn’t sell. Less than 6 months later, I sold them to a customer who came into the store and offered $1800 cash.


Of course it’s a win-win situation because I got the shoes for free. But if you want to talk about maximizing profit, let’s just not talk about that.


Few pics from our 2nd store.

255585_569184629770347_1906965529_n 400746_568373503184793_831027078_n 923099_567169343305209_1408678985_n261790_571039449584865_134830819_n 525938_417054411650037_1812849187_n

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Ever so changing market

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Funny how the sneaker market changes so quickly. When I first started working at Sole, Nike Lebron 8 South Beach colorway was the current day Adidas Yeezy Boost. This week on eBay I posted over 5 DS pairs starting at 99 cents. We normally don’t post DS heat on eBay. Not sure the exact price but they were going for well over $1000.

For those of you who buy shoes from us on eBay be prepared this coming Monday. I do all the eBay listings for Sole and out of all the years I have been doing this, this week I’m excited for. There is going to be a ton of heat going up that you can probably get for steals. We are clearing out a bunch of Lebron, KD, Kobe, old Jordan retros and SB’s. All brand new, all starting at 99 cents so we let it go for whatever it ends for. I think this is the week you can get a ton of heat for under market value.

I find it funny how the sneaker market changes so quickly. If all the Nike basketball heat are going straight to eBay, general release Jordan’s quick cashing for under retail, what’s left? I guess as a business you just have to be able to adjust on the fly, it’s part of the risk we take when we quick cash customers.

As a consumer, now is the best time to get some of the shoes that you really wanted for a decent price. I remember when the Nike KD IV Weatherman first came out. I thought, “Man I need these to hoop in.” DLew asked me the day after it came out if I wanted em for $200 beans. I thought to myself “HELL NO, PASS!” A little while later, I want to say they went for over $1000. It’s just the ups and downs of the sneaker market.

Got a couple guest bloggers for Tucked Laces coming up soon. Stay tuned, I hope to bring some guest bloggers from the community that can tell their story to all of you out there.

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I just landed in Cleveland Ohio for NBA Finals game 4. Pretty juiced right now!

Other than the game we don’t have any specific plans. I was told Joe Hayden owns a sneaker consignment store so we will try to check that out. If anyone has any other suggestions on where to go in Cleveland hit me up on Instagram. I will update this post with more details later, for pics follow us on Instagram. Go Dubs!


What an amazing night, for a Warrior fan! Great game as both teams were going at it the whole night. As a Warrior fan in Cleveland, we were being givin a hard time the whole day but in good competitive fun. I respected the people of Cleveland for that. All game no one did anything malicious to us as we were cheering for the road time either. Minus the kid who yelled “F*CK Golden State!” and proceeded to flip us off but hey, I understand his frustration and will let that one slide. His dad ended up dragging him away and leaving shortly after.

We stopped by Restock Cleveland which is owned by Joe Hayden. The store is super nice and has that clean boutique feel. Didn’t buy anything obviously but I like checking out other consignment shops especially while travelling. Nice store Restock!

Cleveland really gets a bad rap for being a boring city. The food was amazing and the people were great! Cleveland is definitely an underrated city. Yes, Joakim Noah, there are people that vacation to Cleveland.

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It’s 2016 and we are living in the digital age of YouTube and Instagram so why start a blog? I’ve found inspiration from other sites such as Grantland (RIP), the Players’ Tribune, Vice, Hypebeast, just to name a few. I understand the value of organic content in this industry. Every other sneaker blog or Instagram account reposts other users pictures to gain likes or attention. I want to create organic content that brings value to the sneaker world. I’m not going to review every upcoming release and give my opinion on them (might do it sometimes here and there). I’m not going to rehash popular stories to gain likes and exposure. For those who want to see the sneaker industry firsthand, keep coming back to the blog for more stories.

Every one of my coworkers at the shop are hustlers. They never stop trying to find ways to better themselves to provide for their families and futures. Let me introduce you to my coworkers, Derek (DLew or Darryl), Rob (Robear), Tony (TPN), Christian (X), Juan (Troll or JCP), Jeremy (Jer), Sanh (Bjourne or Reeeeeek), Scott (Scotty). I will continue to refer to them in this blog by their nicknames in parenthesis. Oh speaking of nicknames, they refer to me, Ryan, as Ree Ree.  I get inspired by these guys by their work ethic which is one of the reasons why I started this blog. It really is true when people say that if you surround yourself with others who always try to better themselves it will rub off on you as well.

My vision for Tucked Laces has yet to be fully determined. I am thinking bigger picture so I will not limit myself to the topic of sneakers but sports, pop culture and fashion as well. My short term goals are to engage our audience and provide them with not only entertainment but a valuable insight as well. I have a million different ideas on how to make this blog stand out from the hundreds of others. Hope you all enjoy!

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