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I just landed in Cleveland Ohio for NBA Finals game 4. Pretty juiced right now!

Other than the game we don’t have any specific plans. I was told Joe Hayden owns a sneaker consignment store so we will try to check that out. If anyone has any other suggestions on where to go in Cleveland hit me up on Instagram. I will update this post with more details later, for pics follow us on Instagram. Go Dubs!


What an amazing night, for a Warrior fan! Great game as both teams were going at it the whole night. As a Warrior fan in Cleveland, we were being givin a hard time the whole day but in good competitive fun. I respected the people of Cleveland for that. All game no one did anything malicious to us as we were cheering for the road time either. Minus the kid who yelled “F*CK Golden State!” and proceeded to flip us off but hey, I understand his frustration and will let that one slide. His dad ended up dragging him away and leaving shortly after.

We stopped by Restock Cleveland which is owned by Joe Hayden. The store is super nice and has that clean boutique feel. Didn’t buy anything obviously but I like checking out other consignment shops especially while travelling. Nice store Restock!

Cleveland really gets a bad rap for being a boring city. The food was amazing and the people were great! Cleveland is definitely an underrated city. Yes, Joakim Noah, there are people that vacation to Cleveland.

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