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Funny how the sneaker market changes so quickly. When I first started working at Sole, Nike Lebron 8 South Beach colorway was the current day Adidas Yeezy Boost. This week on eBay I posted over 5 DS pairs starting at 99 cents. We normally don’t post DS heat on eBay. Not sure the exact price but they were going for well over $1000.

For those of you who buy shoes from us on eBay be prepared this coming Monday. I do all the eBay listings for Sole and out of all the years I have been doing this, this week I’m excited for. There is going to be a ton of heat going up that you can probably get for steals. We are clearing out a bunch of Lebron, KD, Kobe, old Jordan retros and SB’s. All brand new, all starting at 99 cents so we let it go for whatever it ends for. I think this is the week you can get a ton of heat for under market value.

I find it funny how the sneaker market changes so quickly. If all the Nike basketball heat are going straight to eBay, general release Jordan’s quick cashing for under retail, what’s left? I guess as a business you just have to be able to adjust on the fly, it’s part of the risk we take when we quick cash customers.

As a consumer, now is the best time to get some of the shoes that you really wanted for a decent price. I remember when the Nike KD IV Weatherman first came out. I thought, “Man I need these to hoop in.” DLew asked me the day after it came out if I wanted em for $200 beans. I thought to myself “HELL NO, PASS!” A little while later, I want to say they went for over $1000. It’s just the ups and downs of the sneaker market.

Got a couple guest bloggers for Tucked Laces coming up soon. Stay tuned, I hope to bring some guest bloggers from the community that can tell their story to all of you out there.

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