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When I first started working at Sole one of the proposed jobs/ventures that was presented to me was to start restoring shoes for customers through the shop.


My good childhood friend Ken Chan aka Kention aka T-Rex started experimenting with restoring Jordan’s in his own garage. He had his own little setup and showed us some before and after pictures of these 2010 Cool Grey 11’s he was working on. They were a worn pair and he had them looking completely blue with zero yellowing or greying of the soles.


At the time this was pretty amazing. As we all know the clear soled Jordan’s yellow so easily even if you don’t wear it. So making it clear again, was a complete game changer at the time.


So come May 2012 Sole Restorer was born. Ken put together a nice little indoor light set up that we put in the 2nd store of Sole. We worked out of this little closet space which was pretty small but a great experience.


Running Sole Restorer with one of my best friends, allowed us to really experience how it is to run a business. Of course the money wasn’t there but everything else was real life, hands on of how to run a business.


It really also got us to connect with the sneaker community first hand. At the time I really just wanted to be a behind the scenes person because I’m so introverted. But with Sole Restorer, it allowed me to share a common interest with sneakerheads and converse about a common problem they all had.


Yeah I know, there are those out there that claim “Yellowed” sneakers show character, or whatever you want to call it. Yeah right, I think that is complete bullsh*t. When I see a pair of icy blue Jordan 11 Concords, I think to myself, “Damn, that’s icy.” Never would I want my pair to be piss yellow and have to keep explaining to people that yellowed soles=character. Yeah, have fun with that one.



*Some random pictures of my experiences with Sole Restorer. Plenty more to come!

IMG_9501 IMG_9485 IMG_9265 IMG_8240 IMG_9172

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