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Part of my job is to post brand new GR’s (general release) on eBay when they come in to the shop. The guys who buy them in just stack them on a back table so sometimes it can get pretty hectic.  I love doing this because as my coworkers know, I probably have the LEAST valuable collection of everyone.

My go-to’s are runners of any brand, Asics Gel Lyte V’s, Nike Flyknit Racers or Prestos, and of course Adidas Ultra Boost and NMD’s. It took me a while to hop on the Ultra Boost bandwagon because I’m the type to NOT give into the hype but hey, look at where I work.

I say never pay retail because a lot of the stuff that we get in we also don’t pay retail for. So of course the perks of the job I get them at our cost. But if there are GR shoes that I want that we don’t get in, the best thing to do is wait. I know being a sneakerhead waiting is probably THE hardest thing to do next to working out or dieting but in order to save money, WAIT!

I know that not everyone is as lucky as me where I can just show up to work and choose between some of my favorite shoes for a bargain. Don’t worry, you can still get GR runners at UNDER retail if you just wait. Some of my favorite sites to use are kicksdeals, sneakersteals, and of course, shameless plug, solesteals. Shout out to my boy Scotty aka Sneakerslut aka Chunky’s pops aka Raef Lafrentz.

Honestly if I didn’t work at Sole and I would definitely get a solesteals membership. You get most if not ALL of the GR Jordan’s and many others for BELOW retail for $20 beans a month? Why not?

But anyways kicksdeals and sneakersteals are where I get most of my Asics at under retail. The Gel Lyte V is probably the most underrated runner in my opinion. More comfortable than Flyknit Racers and just as comfortable as Ultra Boosts minus the hype. Most Asics you can get at retail or below if you are patient and just wait.

I know girls will disagree with me but you can also try to find used sneakers from your local consignment shop or our eBay. The value of shoes drop so much after they are worn. You can still get very good condition shoes for a good deal if they’re worn versus deadstock.

So lesson to all including myself, be patient!

Only shoe I paid retail was the white ultraboost. Asics and NMDs under retail. Multi 2.0 Flyknit under retail, worn.


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