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                Amidst all this Kevin Durant madness (which I am crazy excited for, shout out my dude X for being a Laker fan still, we welcome you here with open arms on Warrior’s ground) I’m going to be writing about sneaker nicknames.


              My main job here at Sole is to post our eBay auctions. Most Jordan’s have a nickname like “Black Toe, Space Jam, Breds.” I have the toughest time with the New Balance’s, Asics, etc. I always have to google search what they’re called which is a pain but cool to find out the story behind some of the lesser known kicks out there.


              An issue I always have is deciding what I should title the sneaker. What will get the most search results on eBay? Are “White and Red” Jordan 14’s called “White and Red” or are they called “Candy Cane?” Are 2008 CDP Jordan 13’s called “White and Black” or are they called “He Got Games?” Or is it disrespectful to call the CDP and Original “White and Black” Jordan 13’s the “He Got Games?” Every time I post shoes with multiple nicknames I always take a few minutes and struggle with what I should call them. I basically just go with White/Red and White/Black for the 2 mentioned above.


             I wanted to blog about nicknames because we were talking about sneaker nicknames at the store today and it always makes me laugh when people refer to certain shoes with a different nickname. No I am not laughing at people’s knowledge of sneakers; I’m just laughing at the nicknames themselves.


             A few of the common mispronunciations that I hear a lot are Bordeaux’s being called Bor-Dox, Year of the Rabbit’s being called Yo-Ter. And Bred’s being called Breeds, like animals breeding.


             My favorite though, has to be the recent Olive Nike Air Foamposites. A customer came in once and said, “Aye yall got the beef and broccoli foams?” That one had me laughing so hard I have to share it with the sneaker world.


            What are some of your favorite nicknames for sneakers? Let me know if I missed any!

White/Black? He got game?

White/Black? He got game?

Breeds? Black and Red Space Jams?

Breeds? Black and Red Space Jams?

Scotty wore these to work the other day and of course since everyone at work is a troll, I told him nice Black Cement Phat 1 Lows bro.

Scotty wore these to work the other day and of course since everyone at work is a troll, I told him”Nice Black Cement Phat 1 Lows bro.”



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