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Back in 2012 Nike came out with a shoe called the Nike Air Foamposite “ParaNorman”. They were released only thru a contest in a limited number of pairs.  The head of the studio that created ParaNorman, Laika, is Travis Knight who is Phil Knight’s son, the founder of Nike.


At the time I just started working at Sole full time. We were in our 2nd store which now we use as storage for eBay and Sole Steals.


The goal of the contest was to send in a photo of when you were a kid being weird or different. The synopsis of ParaNorman was about a weird kid fitting in and battling ghosts and zombies.


Of course everyone at the time was trying to obtain these shoes, so I of course submitted my entry as well. I submitted a picture that my mom took of me dressed up as a girl at about 3-4 years old (SMH mom). A couple days later I got the direct message that I won!


You can ask the guys at the shop, I don’t seem to have the greatest of luck in this buy and flip thing that most people do. Probably the reason why I don’t pursue buying shoes on release date and trying to flip them or sit on them to gain value (plenty more stories about this in the future).


I got the ParaNorman’s for free and of course the question from everyone at the store was, are you going to keep them or sell them? At the time, a broke fresh outta college student, easy, I was going to sell them.


I had them on the web shop for $2500 for months and it didn’t sell. Less than 6 months later, I sold them to a customer who came into the store and offered $1800 cash.


Of course it’s a win-win situation because I got the shoes for free. But if you want to talk about maximizing profit, let’s just not talk about that.


Few pics from our 2nd store.

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