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What means more to you, how expensive a shoe is or how hard is it to get?


Working at a consignment store makes it that much worse. I have access to pretty much ANY shoe I want. I try to keep my collection to a rotation of no more than 10 pairs (I know, first world problems).It really tests my self-control. I like to think of myself as a pretty practical guy. I am definitely the most conservative in terms of expensive tastes at the shop.


The other day Bjourne pulls out a yeezy box from who knows where and goes “Yo Ree you mess with these?” It was a pair of Yeezy Boost 350 Turtle Doves, worn, size 8. For me, I like to buy shoes that have a higher than retail value, worn so I can wear them at a more reasonable cost if that makes any sense. I’m not a collector so I never keep any shoe deadstock. So we all know how hard it is to find an excellent condition Turtle Dove for a decent price.


We bought them in at $900 according to DLew. Scotty said $800 but I guess that got overruled real quick. So I ended up trading in a few pairs that went to beater boxes. Asics Gel Lyte V “Champagne”, Nike Zoom KD IV “Black N7”, Nike Air Max 1 “Denim”, Nike Air Max 90 “London” were the 4 pairs I gave up for a value of $220. So all in all I paid $680 for the Turtle Doves.


That is THE MOST I will ever pay for a pair of sneakers I will wear. I know that it will still hold its value if I keep it in good condition. But I just contradicted the earlier statement of calling myself a “Practical” guy. Just the idea of spending damn near $700 dollars for a pair of shoes the average person must think I am insane. But hey I am positive that that is not even near what some of you serious sneakerheads out there spend on a pair. So I’ll make myself feel better with that said.


Until I got the Turtle Doves, the most expensive sneaker I owned were the Nike Air Max 1 “Clot”. I got them a couple years ago from the store as a Christmas present. They only released in China and DLew used his China connect to get them for me. When the images first came out I asked DLew if he can use his connect to get them for me. He goes in and out of the “Zone” as we at the store like to call it, so I’m not sure when or if at all he heard my requests. But came Christmas time he surprised me with them. I would actually consider these more valuable than the Turtle’s just because there is a backstory to them.


What shoe is most valuable to you? Let me know!


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