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It’s 2016 and we are living in the digital age of YouTube and Instagram so why start a blog? I’ve found inspiration from other sites such as Grantland (RIP), the Players’ Tribune, Vice, Hypebeast, just to name a few. I understand the value of organic content in this industry. Every other sneaker blog or Instagram account reposts other users pictures to gain likes or attention. I want to create organic content that brings value to the sneaker world. I’m not going to review every upcoming release and give my opinion on them (might do it sometimes here and there). I’m not going to rehash popular stories to gain likes and exposure. For those who want to see the sneaker industry firsthand, keep coming back to the blog for more stories.

Every one of my coworkers at the shop are hustlers. They never stop trying to find ways to better themselves to provide for their families and futures. Let me introduce you to my coworkers, Derek (DLew or Darryl), Rob (Robear), Tony (TPN), Christian (X), Juan (Troll or JCP), Jeremy (Jer), Sanh (Bjourne or Reeeeeek), Scott (Scotty). I will continue to refer to them in this blog by their nicknames in parenthesis. Oh speaking of nicknames, they refer to me, Ryan, as Ree Ree.  I get inspired by these guys by their work ethic which is one of the reasons why I started this blog. It really is true when people say that if you surround yourself with others who always try to better themselves it will rub off on you as well.

My vision for Tucked Laces has yet to be fully determined. I am thinking bigger picture so I will not limit myself to the topic of sneakers but sports, pop culture and fashion as well. My short term goals are to engage our audience and provide them with not only entertainment but a valuable insight as well. I have a million different ideas on how to make this blog stand out from the hundreds of others. Hope you all enjoy!

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