The fall of the foams

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I really apologize for not writing lately. I really appreciate all those who read this blog. Was actually in Vancouver, Canada and Portland Oregon last week. I didn’t get to hit up any sneaker spots other than “Livestock” in Vancouver Canada. It was a boutique that sold Nike’s and Jordan’s.

This week at the shop I was given a stack of “Wu Tang” and “Wolf Grey” Foamposites to post on eBay. (insert X smirk). Anyways I just wanted to write about the decline of foamposites in the past 5 years.

When I first started at the store back in 2011 foamposites were hot. I could be wrong but I think every foamposite that released actually re-sold for over retail. Nowadays, Nike would be lucky if a foamposite would even sell out in retail stores.

I actually don’t own or wear any foamposites but I was a huge fan of the shoe.

Have you ever put on a shoe that you like the look of but when its on your foot, it just looks funny? Yeah, that’s how I feel about the foamposites. Huge fan of the shoe but when it’s on my foot it just looks weird.

Every foamposite release after the whiteout foamposite is when the downfall started and when the thermal map and weatherman’s came out, those are what killed em. That’s what happens when you flood the market with weak colorways.

I’ve been listening to a few podcasts lately while I work, and I’m going to take JJ Reddick’s “4 on 4” concept to Tucked Laces. Each blog topic I will try to have a top 4 of whatever that topic might be that week.

This week’s top 4 will be my personal all-time favorite foamposites.



#4 “Stealth” – released in 2012 super clean and can match anything. 



#3 “Eggplant” – released in 2009 and 2010 which I always found funny. Why would you release a shoe twice in consecutive years?



#2 “Royal” – released a handful of times 1997, 2007, 2008 and 2011 again why would you release a shoe back to back years?



#1 “Paranorman” – of course I had to go with the Paranormans because of a personal history with them. I wish I had a personal picture of them, I don’t even think I had an iPhone at the time. Late to the game, I know, right.


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