The Holy Grail

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Every sneaker lover, sneakerhead, sneaker connoisseur, sneaker collector, whatever you want to call yourself, has a “Holy Grail”. If you are none of the above, I will explain to you what the “Holy Grail” is to sneakerheads. The Holy Grail is the MUST HAVE, above anything and everything else, sneaker. Usually the Holy Grail can’t just be bought without hesitation with a click of the mouse or a trip to the local shopping mall. Either you can’t find the shoe anywhere or when you do, it’s not in your size, or its beat to death (worn so much you won’t mow the lawn in them). Or you CAN get the shoe with a click of the mouse or a trip to your local consignment shop but not without selling your textbooks, your PlayStation, 3 other pairs of sneakers, and working a few hours of overtime. Anyways, everyone has their own definition and opinion of what the Holy Grail is but that is the gist.

I wouldn’t even label myself as a “sneakerhead”. I kind of stumbled into the community and fell in love with it. My first pair of Jordan’s my dad bought me were a youth sized pair of original Cardinal 7’s from the outlet at Athletes Foot when I was in the 5th grade. Yes there was once a retail sneaker store called “Athletes Foot”.  After working in the industry for over 4 years now I like to think that I have a good feel for things sneaker related. Personally, my “Holy Grail” changes from time to time and most of the time doesn’t exist.

Recently the Adidas NMD runners came out. The one that really caught my eye were the “Glitch Camo” color way. When I first saw the pictures of them on Instagram I had that feeling that I HAD to have them. These, at this time, were my “Holy Grail”! When they actually came out, I saw the price tag on them were about $350 on eBay. I told myself no way am I paying $350 for those when retail was under $200. Normally I don’t buy any sneakers off eBay because I just can’t trust a random seller. But of course when you want something bad you do irrational things that you cant explain yourself. You just NEED that shoe.

A week later I check eBay and the price’s skyrocket to $500+. So a couple months later the market is flooded with NMD’s and I figure I can try to grab the Glitch Camo NMD’s for a reasonable price. So I go on eBay and find a brand new pair in my size for a posted price of $350. The seller had around 100+ positive feedbacks and nothing negative said.  I bought them knowing there was a high probability they were fake. So I get them and bring them into Sole so my awesome coworkers can legit check them for me. They barely took them out of the box and everyone there said they were no good.

How embarrassing to be working at Sole Supremacy and buy fake sneakers?! My coworkers probably think I’m a fool for that one. I hear this phrase so often at the shop “The fakes are just so good nowadays”.  So luckily eBay and PayPal protect me from these types of situations but not only is it embarrassing but just a hassle to go thru. We hate seeing people get worked over or tricked for spending their hard earned money. So learn from me, if the deal is too good to be true it most definitely is!


Below are some of the actual pictures of the shoes I received off eBay. Should have checked @fake_education on IG also, could have told easily.

IMG_1651 IMG_1650 IMG_1715




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